We are a company that wants to give you the opportunity to experience the best of Slovakia with as little hassle as possible. We are travellers ourselves. From our own experience, we decided to set up this company to provide genuine services to our clients. We were sometimes frustrated when people offered us something that was not what they had promised, so we definitely want to provide you with quality services and we want you to experience the beauties of Slovakia with us.

We specialise in tours in the Northern and Eastern parts of Slovakia. We offer different set tours here and abroad,  we can design trips for you according to your interests. We can be very flexible and combine travelling with study if that is what you want. We offer English courses that can be combined with travelling, relaxation, visits to historical places, or hiking in the mountains. If you are looking for a cheaper and safe holiday with an English speaking tour guide, great food and clean accommodation, Experience Slovakia can provide you with all that and much more.

For more information and suggestions of trips, please contact us.

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